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How It Works



How It Works:

Thank you for considering us in memorializing your loved one's ashes. Upon the completion of your order we will mail you a kit containing supplies you'll need to send your cremains to us. This includes a container for the ashes, a Priority Express envelope, and a copy of your work order. You add the required amount of ashes, seal it in the envelope with the work order, and ship it to us by Priority Express (as required by US Postal Regulations for the handling of cremains).  Within 3-4 weeks we will send you your finished piece(s) via Priority Mail or other service. If there happen to be any cremains leftover when the memorial is complete you have two choices:  1)  They can be respectfully scattered over a private natural landscape or.. 2) If you would like the remainder of your ashes returned to you a $26 fee to cover return shipping postage will be charged.



Who pays for shipping the ashes to Flame Memorials?

You are responsible for adding correct postage to send the ashes to us by Priority Express (US Postal Regulations).  This will generally be around $26.

Can I rush the order?

This is decided on a case by case basis.  Generally it is doable.

Can you make custom colorations?

Yes, with a 6 piece minimum order.

What do you do with the remaining unused ashes?

The unused ashes will be dispersed across a private wooded area unless we are directed to return them.